How to increase your Bitcoin (BTC)

Arbitrage Trading: How to Grow Your Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is on everyone’s lips and more and more investors are jumping into the digital gold. By now, all mainstream investors from economists, celebrities, friends to institutions are in the Bitcoin sector. How can you squeeze even more out of your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at a time like this?

The COVID 19 pandemic has had worshipful consequences for economies around the world. Traditional fiat currencies have been weakened and central banks around the world are printing more and more money. In these turbulent times, there are few methods with which Bitcoin Supreme one can save one’s savings. Bitcoin and co. in particular have been able to hold their own this year and are enjoying ever greater popularity and legitimacy.

So if you already have some BTC, you should make sure you get the most out of your investment. A relatively safe method to get closer to this goal is crypto-arbitrage trading.

Why should you use a crypto arbitrage strategy with Bitcoin?

Arbitrage trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a relatively low-risk form of investment. Therefore, arbitrage trading is used by hedge funds, financial institutions, investment firms but also private individuals. The main reason for this wide acceptance is that it makes it possible to profit from the crypto market without being exposed to the high volatility.

Crypto arbitrage trading is used to make profits by exploiting temporary price inefficiencies on crypto exchanges. For example, Bitcoin is traded simultaneously on several exchanges at different prices for a short period of time. This allows one to buy BTC on the cheapest exchange and then sell it on the exchange where the price is highest.

For this reason, investors tend to use automated crypto arbitrage software. One of the most popular platforms currently on the market is ArbiSmart. ArbiSmart is an EU-licensed crypto-arbitrage platform that effectively exploits price differences to generate profits for investors. Clients can simply sign up and ArbiSmart’s automated software takes over from there.

Does low risk mean lower returns?

Not necessarily, because the trading bot generates constant profits, with which it may even be possible to double or even triple one’s Bitcoin in a short time. Investors can see in advance on the ArbiSmart account page how much they can earn per month and per year.

For example, if one invests five Bitcoin, it can be 15 BTC in just three and a half years. Moreover, one can make a profit through ArbiSmart’s RBIS token. Since the beginning of 2019, the token has increased in value by more than 120 per cent and it is on track to reach even higher prices. Moreover, investors can withdraw their assets on Arbismart in euros and bitcoin at any time.

How do you choose the right platform for your bitcoin?

When investing in a crypto arbitrage platform, the amount you invest and the return prospects play an important role.

Equally important, however, is the security of the provider in whom you place your trust. Especially with Bitcoin and Co. there is always fraud. For this reason, you should trust licensed financial service providers such as ArbiSmart. ArbiSmart has an FIU licence, which means that it is under constant regulatory supervision.

Moreover, you should also ask yourself whether a crypto-arbitrage platform has good support. At ArbiSmart, there are several support channels that support you personally. The team is available to investors around the clock via chat, but also via Telegram, email, Twitter, Messenger, telephone and WhatsApp. The best way to get an idea is to look at the online reviews of a platform. ArbiSmart has mostly good reviews on Trustpilot and is also present on social media.

The world of crypto-arbitrage trading offers a great opportunity to earn comparatively high returns. It allows investors to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin while passively earning returns without having to expose themselves to volatility.

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